How long is my subscription good for?

Your subscription runs from January 1st to December 31st of the same year.


What are the benefits of having a subscription?

The benefit of having a subscription is that you will only receive one bill for services.

We have continued joint billing with the following Advanced Life Support Units. 

Ephrata Hospital Medics 4 & 9, L.E.M.S.A. Medic Units and Manheim Twp. Medic Units

This means a lower cost to you.


Why are there 2 different prices for a subscription?

You may elect to have a subscription that covers Advanced Life support bills.

If you choose not to take a subscription that covers Advanced Life support you would be responsible to pay the charges incurred if Advanced Care was needed.


What doesn't my subscription cover?

Routine transports home from a hospital stay or transports to a doctors office.


What is third party billing?

We bill your insurance company directly for you. LAA uses third-party billing. For questions about your bill, please call the number below.


When do you send out subscription letters?

We try to send out our subscription letters in early November. Sometimes we get a late start due to printing schedules. If you are new to our area you can call or stop by the station for a subscription card.


For billing questions call 1-877-214-6018.